Designed all the fairies and friends characters for a soft doll plush line for Nat & Jules, the plush division of Demdaco. These fairies have wings that light up and have a sparkling sound. Created the logo, brand name, tagline, storyline behind their special powers, character names and hangtags.
Designed the characters for 18" fantasy soft doll program.
'Trolls by Treasures' is a fun and brand new licensed brand released in 2014. Designed logo, characters, graphics, patterns, conceptual product designs, signage, hangtags, pdq, and all related marketing materials. Created all character names and individual poems associated with themed characters in the following categories: seasonal, everyday, sports, girly, etc.
Created a different character each year to appeal to the young tween market. Various plush and lifestyle products would be created featuring the character of the season. The look had to be on trend. Product formats included: pillow, blanket, slippers, jewelry, etc.
Created a plush kitty lifestyle program of a princess kitty with attitude. Created the name, storyline, logo design, character design, accessories, signage and hangtag artwork.
Plush Kitty program of a princess, diva and angel. In addition, to various soft goods, this line included wooden and boa picture frames, metal frames, door hangers, metal photo clip, stuffed nylon room decor and storage boxes.
Kitty program accessories displayed in our nice showroom at Russ Berrie.
Designed Frog Prince and Princess concept for Valentine's Day program. Created various gift items including plush designs based on the characters, as well resin picture frames, metal door hangings, ceramic cups and trinket boxes.
Final product designs shown in our gift catalog of the Frog Prince and Princess program.
Designed sweet animal characters and graphics for a coordinating plush and pillow set.
Designed gift card plush animals.
Created these characters for our inspirational line of resin trinket boxes.
Designed concept name, logo, character graphics and product design for a novelty plush flower program. Also created the signage and leaf graphics that were applied onto the pdq display.
Designed flower plush items for a charity event. Existing character artwork came from the Advertising Department. Designed conceptual artwork of what the centerpiece and giveaways should look like and incorporated the graphic characters into the products.
Whimsical bird character graphics.
Character Designs

Created various character designs to be developed into a variety of product formats including: plush, resin figurines, picture frames, jewelry, keychains, wooden accessories and tableware. The design process starts with a concept, character stylings, material and color call outs, sampling, revisions and final production.

Jessica Wu
Creator of all things whimsical, mysterious & illuminating! NJ