Designed Feng Shui room decor line. Items include: Leaf Tea Light Holder, Vase, Craquelure plaques, Turtle Tea Light Holder and Dragon Incense Cone Holder.
Designed Feng Shui room decor line. Wooden wind chimes with engraved Chinese Characters.
Designed Feng Shui room decor line. Wooden Yin Yang Trinket Boxes with Ancient Chinese Metal Coins.
Designed Feng Shui room decor line. Craquelure Ceramic Square Bowl with Floating Goldfish Candles.
Designed logo, graphics, and table forms for 'CockTails' barware line (stylized rooster characters as a waiter, bartender, pianist and hen lounge singer each holding a martini with an olive). Product line was sold at Bloomingdale's and specialty stores. Other items in this line included: olive tray, martini glasses, DOF, and mini water globe bottle stoppers.
Designed detailed Sculpt stone wall hangings for themed garden program.
Designed sculpt stone plaques with an Autumn theme. These plaques were designed while at Russ Berrie but sold through our specialty account with Michael's Arts & Crafts.
Designed painterly harvest graphics for seasonal dinnerware line. Simple tableware forms with hand-painted graphics and warm neutral colors convey a country feeling. These ceramic items were displayed and sold in gift shops during the Fall/Thanksgiving holidays.
Designed ceramic angel plaques for the Christmas holiday season.
Designed a collection of ceramic houses (this little blue one was used for the cover of the Christmas catalog). The house removes from the base and functions as a tea light holder. These houses can be displayed during the holidays with plug-in lights and the christmas village has a welcoming glow!
This is the largest of the Christmas houses that I designed. It has a metal reindeer on the roof, a weather vane, and swirly wires that represent smoke coming out of the chimney.
Various sized Christmas houses. Some are small and tall but all are whimsical with a fun story behind each one. Snowman Daddy giving his magical hat to his son, snowmen children playing hide and seek, stacks of presents, lots of colorful Christmas trees, etc.
Giftware & Tabletop

Designed various themed room decor and gift items at a large giftware and dinnerware company. Styles range from realistic and sophisticated to whimsical and magical.

Jessica Wu
Creator of all things whimsical, mysterious & illuminating! NJ