Exterior of a "Happy New Year" card with a play on the interlocking numbers. Blind embossed with gold foil stamping. A starburst graphic shoots out in the upper right corner.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year card with fun pop-up. When the greeting card folds flat, it reads "Happy" (in gold) and "Holidays" (in silver). Pull up the card and an internal "New Year" (in gold) with the pop-out year makes this a fun interactive card.
Modern star-shaped graphic of Santa Claus is printed, die-cut and made dimensional with foam backing. Gold foil stamped trim on white and layered on matte finish gold elephant paper makes this a stunning and elegant Christmas card.
Exterior of a "Season's Greeting" card with fun playful typography is blind embossed with the center star in a holographic gold foil stamp.
Foil stamped graphic of shooting star Christmas tree,
Whimsical looping Christmas lights (with cord) in the shape of a Christmas tree. Although very sparkly and colorful, only one rainbow foil was used. Printed on glossy white paper with personalized greeting.
Silver foil stamped "Season's Greeting" message printed on textured blue matte paper. House and tree silhouettes are printed on the bottom layer with gold foil stamped windows and doorway shining through. Sandwiched between the two paper layers is a mesh material with silver glitter dots giving the effect of a dazzling star filled night sky.
Pillsbury Dough Boy holiday card is blind embossed and stamped with holographic silver foil on matte white card stock.
"Roll in the New Year" Holiday card with the signature Pillsbury Dough Boy! Card is printed, embossed and die-cut for a whimsical and fun card.
Exterior of a beautiful and elegant handmade holiday card with multiple textured paper layers, corrugated board, glitter paper and wrapped with a red and gold ribbon bow. Handmade each card and received lots of compliments on the design and work involved.
Designed individual snowflake ornaments (made with wire and various types of beads) for each holiday greeting card. Each snowflake is unique and so no two snowflake ornaments look alike as well. The snowflake ornament hung on a silver ribbon (attached on the top and threaded through to the inside of the card. It can be detached from the card and hung on a Christmas tree.
Greeting Cards

Designed special occasion invitations and greeting cards. Combined strong graphic elements with intricate die-cutting, embossing and foil-stamping techniques to create truly unique designs. Dimensional and handmade cards are made with beautiful specialty papers, ribbons, glitter mesh, and iridescent beads.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Jessica Wu
Creator of all things whimsical, mysterious & illuminating! NJ