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REMI Overview Diagram - The REMI project focuses on finding a solution to preserving stories and memories shared with digital photos.

How will we locate and revisit old digital photos in the future, and how will we be able to share them with other people? Most digital photo solutions out in today's market focus on storing, image editing, tagging, etc. But my research shows that it's the stories and the emotions experienced at the time of the photo that users want to revisit.
Participatory Design Activity - A game session involving 11 users in an activity dealing with photographs of themselves and their friends.

This was a crucial point in the design process. The participants unveiled to me of what is missing in the present day solutions: the option to mix/match photos from different albums, and combining them to create stories, both factual and elaborated!
Brain Map - Brain map of all thing relevant to photographs.
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Jessica Chang
Interaction Designer Los Angeles, CA