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This entire site is protected under the copyright laws of the United States and may not be duplicated, copied, or cloned in any way by any person or group for any purpose without the expressed and written consent of John Fronza. Although I am extremely qualified on both Mac and PC platforms, and most CC software, I can still jump on the boards when necessary. Yes, I can actually draw something, and I enjoy it. I frequently sketch out a client’s idea or concept while I am meeting with them. It is not a lost art as some people espouse. I have always thought of client relationships as a great marriage. Someone’s faults are the other person’s attributes, and those talents and abilities require a reciprocal respect. It's the same principle that applies to hiring your staff. You have a number of candidates, but only one gets the opportunity. Business relationships are the same way. If the chemistry doesn't exist, don't pursue the relationship. We make an extra effort to be receptive and accepted. Not to mention practicing the Law of Reciprocity. Painting has been a very rewarding exercise for me. I work out my compositions, color and other aspects in Photoshop and then proceed to the canvas. Solitude is something that artist require just to capture a concept or an idea before we execute it. The process is the same for any creative approaches to a clients marketing and branding objectives. The computer and the software are the tools to execute a project. No more important than the artist brush or the artist pencil. The artist comes up with the creative concepts using all the tools available to him/her. Just as important as keeping up my skill sets is my physical and mental wellbeing. I actually enjoy working out to stay on my game. My philosophy has always been that if you are not investing in YOU then you are not investing in the future. My focus is to work with small and medium sized companies who are working with much smaller marketing and advertising budgets than the larger corporations. Why? Because I live by the rule that I picked up in the Navy; You can turn around a destroyer a lot faster than you can aircraft carrier. I have created graphics programs for high profile clients such as Hard Rock Cafe, SeaWorld, Anheuser-Busch, and many others. I add value to your bottom line without creating the overhead. I have experience in everything from being an apparel designer in New York City to developing large trade show programs for clients such as Bank of America. I have also been fortunate to be recognized with many local, regional and National ADDY Awards for my design abilities. In the past decade I was focused on creating and designing materials for De Novo Bank capital raising efforts of many community banks and financial services companies throughout the United States. Although start up banks were devastated by the recent so called Great Recession (Being politically correct, and not calling it the implosion and financial disaster that it was) we were responsible for raising capital in excess of 50 million dollars from potential investors. I embrace technology, I welcome change, but I focus on the importance of people. Call me today and find out how I can be a strategic partner and assist you in meeting your future marketing objectives. CONTACT ME DIRECTLY AT: 678-377-3013 OR 770-500-7544 jdfronza@gmail.com Remember; Branding is what they say about you when you are not around. United States Navy Veteran


National ADDY Exhibit Design 2 Regional ADDY's Exhibit Design 3 Local ADDY's Exhibit Design Pennsylvania Allied Artist First Place Tampa Tribune Graphic Design Award - First Place


AIGA, Creative Club, Ad Fed, EDPA, Graphic Designers Guild, National Banking Council, De Novo Banking Council, Community Banks of America Council

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