A Tale of Two Fishes, Stamp & Sticker Activity Set. Client/brand: Colorbök KIDS. Contributions: product concept/story, design, watercolor and line art illustrations.
Gertie Gear POS Poster (AKC)
Gertie Gear HollyWOOF Gift Vouchers
Memory (Scrapbooking) Brand - Brief: Brand/packaging concepts for Colorbök Memory & Craft line. Contributions: - design - artwork - pre-press
Fathead Labels Set 2
Fathead Labels-Set1
Barbie Products
Disney 101 Dalmations Products
Disney Hunchback Products
Disney Pocahontas Products
"60's" Halloween Pkg Concepts
Bachelorette Pkg Concepts
Header Card Concepts
Vintage Tees Retail Display
Sesame Street Imprintable Invitations/Reply
Spong Bob Imprintable Invitations/Reply
DIEGO Imprintable Invitations/Reply
Consumer Products
Freelance, Moonlighting
Julie King
Creative Director/Design Manager Detroit, MI