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Cafe Collection Logo Design & Ad Concepts - Brief:
Logo and ad concepts for new line of (color tinted) fashion lens coatings.

- concept/copy
- art direction/design
Swarm Naturals Brand
Nailco "Club 1" Brand
Silent Call Product Catalog - BRIEF: To engage the reader and add interest to the product line, I created a fictional family to help demonstrate the products.

RESULTS: Not only did the client love it, but the narrative approach caused a stir in the industry -- a completely new way of showcasing the products.

- concept/strategy
- directed copy writer
- design
- pre-press
(Also created Silent Call logo.)
Road 2 Riches Sweepstakes & Logo - Brief:
Promotional graphic for an industry leader of eye wear lens coatings.

- promotion name
- graphic concept
- art direction of design/illustration
Health & Beauty
Freelance, Moonlighting
Julie King
Creative Director/Design Manager Detroit, MI