I am a big believer in the creative process. From an early age, I have used my imagination to influence the world around me on both a personal and professional level. Having over ten years of Graphics, Web, and Multimedia Design experience, my work has made strides within the business community. Achieving a senior role in design, I have overseen and produced a wide variety of materials including websites, ad units, corporate identities, sell sheets, infographics, and more. In addition to graduating with a 4.0 GPA from The Minnesota School of Computer Imaging (a division of the Minnesota School of Business), I continue to improve my skills by obtaining certificates that equip me with quality, up-to-date services. I am fluent with the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Windows OS, Digital Hardware, Scanning Technologies, Camera Operations, Resolution and Color Theory, Printing Technologies, Video Capturing and Editing, Creative Writing, Drawing and Design Concepts, HTML and CSS hard coding, Helpdesk, IT Client Administration, and more. As a creativity driven individual, I have pursued a hobby in photography as well as authored several speculative fiction books including the Young Adult Fantasy novel, Traphis: A Wizard’s Tale, which has been distributed to over sixteen thousand readers worldwide.

Experience & Education