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John Martinko is a branding designer with 25 years of experience in helping clients build clear, compelling and creative messages. The success of his work is heavily informed by having been involved in nearly every creative aspect of the business, in numerous environments and for clients in almost every category of industry. John has such a broad range of experience because likes, above all, the opportunity to learn and discover something new. He still believes every assignment already contains some inherent element to spark new thoughts and ideas. His focus is to dig in and discover that spark and help build it into something unique, true and fantastic. He recently moved to New York from San Francisco and spends his time exploring his new-found home and enjoying quicker access to Europe so he can keep improving his French.


Clio, Communication Arts Design Annuals, ADDY Awards, Print Magazine, AIGA, Applied Arts, SF Show (Gold / Silver), WADC (Silver / Bronze), I.D. Magazine, ACD, Simpson Competition, HOW Magazine, SEGD, Critique, Wall Street Journal, 
Wired Magazine, PGA Tour Award (Best Sponsor Integration)

Experience & Education