b'Twin rough
b'Twin, multipurpose bike - Designing a bike for people from 15 to 77 years old, both female and male...This crazy idea gave birth to the b'Twin, a best-seller in Europe. The low frame is easy to ride, and the exclusive tyre pattern let you go from trails to road. You can customize the color parts to give personal touch or add a pouch banana to let your keys, wallet and phone in a secure place.
b'Twin rough3
b'Twin rough2
b'Twin pouch pocket
Rockrider Mountain bike mudguard - The rockrider mudguard is a sport mudguard designed for heavy MTB use. Made of unbreakable material, it is the only mudguard that remain in the axis of the wheel, for best protection. It is also locked on the brake for easy mounting, and allowing instant removing (no tools needed) when the weather is sunny.
DMS bike carrier
b'twin bike trailer
Rockrider Mountain bike mudguard
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Jean-Marc Seynhaeve
Design & innovation consultant - In-oh! Sydney, Australia