FLP 500, Snorkeling fins - Why should fins look technical? FLP 500 fins are designed to give you inspirational emotion of aquatic underworld. The footpocket has been studied to give you best confort, and the blade is very smooth when snorkeling on top of the surface. The result is an award winning product, who even made front cover in Business Week magazine!
FLP 700 Scuba diving fins - If you practise scuba diving, you love nature's beauty. FLP 700 fins are directly inspired by fishes, with a unique "foot bridge" construction to ensure reliability & power. The three materials and exclusive architecture give the best perfomance & style.
X-base swimming goggles - Designing swimming goggles at 4 euros for the whole family? That was the ambitious idea of the X-base goggles. The patented nosebridge lets you set the width for perfect fit & sealing. The singleframe design allow price reduction and the big backclip lets you easily set head size.
SNK 500 snorkel
Swim paddles - For swimmer training. Help to improve arms muscles. Innovative design with soft edges to avoid hurting other swimmers, soft silicone straps, quick release system and water channel for best control.
SNK 700 snorkel
SNK 700 Snorkel
R'gomoove snorkeling fins
SNK 500 snorkel
MSK 900 diving mask
FLP 100 Kit
R'gomoove snorkeling fins - Did you feel pain on your feet after your last snorkeling? Probably. R'gomoove fins reduce foot pain, thanks to their uppered blades. The patented and unique foot strap help users to wear adjust size, and remove these fins. In molding printings enhance the blade with cool graphics!
Jean-Marc Seynhaeve
Design & innovation consultant - In-oh! Sydney, Australia