RUFFIT - While undergoing training in Boston, one of my sketches was selected to be included in the Q1 2006 Catalog Collection. Is uses the existing bottom. it is one of my shoes that made in many various colors, materials and made in mule versions too.
Sketches during design training for the Trail Running category.
Sketches during design training for the Trail Running category
Sketches during design training for the Trail Running category
RUFFIT - Detail view for R&D execution.
RUFFIT II - Continuing the success of Ruffit, I got a project to make the next version for Q3 2006.
Ruffit II was developed in Vietnam due to excess capacity at the Indonesian Development Center and we did not have that Bottom either. I have to send the complete design package to Vietnam and I guided the whole development process through the RVS photos. As gate keeper of perfect proportion for all creation in the Development Center, I have to checked and revised all the first pullover. This job is not only identify and modify shell pattern to follow the concept, but also add something less on it.
Another photo of RUFFIT II and the heel view.
Another photo of RUFFIT II
Impulse Runner - Began from reebok strategy to compete in middle price in the running category market. My team assigned to make a decent standard products with price point and attractive design. This model was successfull with production over 500K pairs only at Indonesia Factory. The bottom has been using in so many new various upper models for long time.
Another photo of Impulse Runner and bottom view. Together with the first design that is still original.
The concept of running shoes that are increasingly simple with seamless and lightweight makes me interested in looking for something unique. For this idea, when I saw a carboard that was peeling off, the wavy parts inside looked like a mesh. and at that time I imagined the torn part as a connection with synthetic.
Some of the public signs that we encounter, can light up in the dark. I think shoes can also be used to mark someone who is running at night.
I want to make running shoes for Nike that are light in weight but with a classic design. I chose Pegasus 83 to be redesigned. with all the same materials, the logo was changed to an extreme. and the midsole is layered vertically so you can make stripes.
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These photos and pictures are some of my creations when I used to work at the Reebok Indonesia Development Center. Lately, I've also been interested in making shoe design concepts that are interesting and not too difficult to make.

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