ESA (emergency lighting) - ESA is a Multi purpose lighting device (Patented as electrical device in Worldwide). it Looks simple but I was stuck in china for a month to develop this item. just kidding ha ha. ESA is one of the many things I made while working in the lighting electronics industry
ESA must have an aesthetic value as well as qualified usability. with the philosophy of the form follow function, I don't think there should be an empty space in it and every part is placed in such a way that later this product will be immediately understood by the user. which part has to be held, where should it be facing, how to place it and so on.
ESA Packaging - The Packaging Designed to educate buyers about the good points about this product easily. To hit the market, ESA packaging must be eye catching with striking colors and outstanding form. As technically, it is easy to open and close and very strong for product protection along the way from the factory to the buyer's hands.
Vibrasystem Box - Vibrasystem packaging is one of my design results. in short, graphic design must be communicative, strong color performance, concise size, easy to carry. The tagline and logos are my own ideas.
Vibrasystem boxes - Here are all the complete series of vibrasystem.

Parts of Vibrasystem design. Work closely with the marketing team to create attractive packaging designs. strong logos, attractive taglines, large letters and product descriptions with illustrated images.
Here are some the examples of logos for brands and company. I like to make logos, because I have can play the shapes, colors, meaning and philosophies that can bring out something new and interesting. and create a good image for the owner.
product & packaging

I have a lot of projects that superbly done in PT SDE but many products are still confidential and can not be shared.

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Joko Lelono
Industrial designer - Visual Merchandiser - Project supervisor jakarta, Indonesia