Builder created for the active and modern people. They want to be healthy, go to the gym, then meet some friends at the cafe. They have to wear something bold, unique and reflecting about work hard.
I am responsible for building the character of new watches that fit among the dynamic market. it has a unique personality, easy to recognize and preferred.
The Watches reflects the personality of their user. Must be very careful to design watches. The engine sellection is very influence in designing of this product. It would be the center of all the parts of watches. Once the concept is chosen, the next step is selecting a correct movement, then the rest of details could be solved.
watches design creation

Creating the watches design with very limited of tools and resourches is very challenging. But the project should be completed with the maximum results. And here I am presenting the result.

Freelance, Full-time
Joko Lelono
Industrial designer - Visual Merchandiser - Project supervisor jakarta, Indonesia