This is the visual guide to the benefit of taking part in Pension Professionals presentation.
The first thing the head of HR (or other decision maker) sees is the box. Lots of this kind of material passes over their desk on a weekly basis so it needed to grab attention. The invitation to open to find coffee is a strong impetus.
This is the label on the actual bag of coffee.
This is the personalized signed letter from the agent offering this service.
This is the response card for customers to fill out in order to receive the presentation.
Campaign: Wake up to the possibilities

This project was designed to gain the attention of decision makers with a unique direct mail campaign. The premise was to wake up employees and make they aware that the need to be planning for the future. The benefit to HR is that an employee working towards a full and engaging retirement is one that is self motivated.

The hook was using coffee as the vehicle. The presentation was tongue in cheek, using safety figures to illustrate the steps necessary for success. All items were branded with consistent messaging and visuals to create a cohesive presentation.

Joshua Cooper
Creative Director Boston, MA