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I have been working and servicing clients primarily in the consumer electronics industry for the past 20 years. Having clients of a variety of sizes, I have had the opportunity to acquaint myself with a wide variety of communications technologies. I got an early jump on digital technology by finding a school where all the classes were exclusively computer-based. I created my first hand-coded html website in 1994. As technologies have evolved, so has my skill set been required to evolve to keep meet my client's needs. It has included all forms of print from brochures to outdoor, tradeshow booth design, product design, photography, website, html email and application interfaces. Through my previous work at an ad agency and my current partnership in The OAC Group, there are few areas of visual communications where I don't have personal experience. I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to design products for the consumer electronics industry, many of which have won awards and received critical acclaim. Please check out my portfolio for details.


• Sound+Vision Editors Choice Award for Atlantic Technology AT-1 • CES Innovations Award for Russound A-BUS A-KP Keypad • AV Interiors Design Award for Russound A-BUS A-KP Keypad • ID Patent Awarded for Russound A-BUS A-KP Keypad • CES Innovations Award for Russound CA-LCD2 Keypad • CES Innovations Award for Russound UNO Keypad • Residential Systems Award for for Russound UNO Keypad • CEA Mark of Excellence Award for Russound UNO Keypad • Industrial Design Patent Awarded for Russound UNO Keypad • Custom Retailer eXcite Award for Atlantic Technology 10 CSB • RESI Award finalist for SpeakerCraft MODE Keypad • HomeToys Hot Product Pick for SpeakerCraft MODE Keypad • Sound&Visions "Best" Product List for SpeakerCraft MODE Keypad • Home Theater Magazine RAVE Award 8200e System • Home Theater Magazine Critic's Choice Award IWTS-626 LCR Speaker • Electronic House Magazine Product of the Year IWTS-30 LCR Speaker


CEDIA (Custom Electronics Dealers and Installers Association), CEA (Consumer Electronics Association)

Experience & Education