Soundcast Melody 3D concept rendering
Soundcast Melody preliminary conceptual illustration
Soundcast Melody product prototype
Soundcast Melody product prototype
Soundcast Melody product prototype
SpeakerCraft Mode In-wall keypad and iDevice dock. This was the first ever in-wall keypad to feature a mouse-style scrolling navigation wheel and also the first to include a tilting mechanism to angle the display up. This is a 3D concept
Production unit of Speakercraft MODE iPod dock.
Production unit of Speakercraft MODE in-wall keypad.
Atlantic Technology corner sub.
Russound A-BUS amplified in-wall keypad.
Atlantic Technology AT-2 H-PAS speaker 3D concept.
Atlantic Technology AT-2 H-PAS speaker production unit.
Atlantic Technology AW-424 outdoor all-weather speaker 3D concept.
In-wall keypad controller for Russound CA Audio system.
In-wall controller keypad with LCD readout for Russound CA audio systems.
Chassis design for Russound CA audio system.
Russound FS-3200 on-wall home theater speakers for flat screens.
Atlantic Technology ICTS-6HT. An angled in-ceiling theater speaker design.
Atlantic Technology ICTS-series speakers. By creating custom designs for the trim ring and tweeter surround, we were able to dress up an open tool frame. This allowed AT to have a "custom" solution on a budget.
A cast aluminum faceplate design for Lumagen incorporated a live view of the image being manipulated by this high-end video processor.
In this re-imagining of Atlantic Technology's flagship THX in-wall speaker, we wanted all the performance but without the installation hassles. The outgoing design had multiple plastic parts that had to be put together in different ways to gain driver array rotation and tilting. This new "eyeball" design allowed all adjustments by hand without tools.
This design for Atlantic Technology's 7-channel sound bar allows the speaker to look as though it is floating on the wall. The gently curves make it more svelte than other MDF-based designs. The curved metal grilles dress the simple angular cabinetry underneath.
In-wall keypad design for the Systemline in-ceiling audio system. The keypad mimicked the simple hand held remote.
Russound UNO keypad. One keypad to control all audio functions.
Atlantic Technology PowerBar 235 with H-PAS technology. A powered all-in-one solution for flat-panel televisions. The first soundbar to not require a subwoofer.
Atlantic Technology 1200 home theater speakers.
The Atlantic Technology AT-1. An audiophile tower speaker. It featured much praised curved side panels that helped to give life to the subtle black metallic fleck painted finish.
Atlantic Technology In-Wall Closed Box speakers. A modular system that eventually encompassed multiple models for every tooled part. The modular system also made both managing inventory, dealer investment and installation easier.
Industrial Design

My product designs start with a digitally illustrated sketch before going to 3D concepts.

Joshua Cooper
Creative Director Boston, MA