Art is in my genetic code. I have been an artist since I could first pick up a pencil. According to my mother, I drew my first shapes (perfectly) at only 18 months. Now I am planning to pursue a Master's or Certificate in Graphic Design. I want to take my artistic talents apply them to a more lucrative career field. I want to do it all -- creative direction, graphic design, logo design, cartooning, fashion branding -- anything that I can put my artistic mind to. My main goal is to be happy with what I am doing and to share my creations with the world.


• Awarded the Delta Sigma Theta Young Writer’s Scholarship Award for the short story “Diesel Angel (Exit 21)” in 2003 • Placed first in a statewide NAACP Academic, Cultural Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) Competition for Playwriting in 2001 for the screenplay The Face of Aphrodite and competed in the nationals in Houston, TX.

Experience & Education