Black Ops crest logo design
Example of product photography
Example of product photography and packaging
Dieline of airsoft packaging
Dieline of air gun blister packaging
Dieline of airsoft packaging
Black Ops planogram
Designs of catalogs, presentations, banners, t-shirts, and inserts
Screen shots of Wordpress website I designed, facebook and youtube that I also helped manage
Manuals and warning cards designed and written by me with occasional factory assistance
A variation of the original logo for a novelty zombie line (Also brainstormed the name)
Capitalizing on the zombie craze
Images made from photos and extensive photoshoping
Black Ops

A quickly growing brand of moderately priced, professional-grade airsoft guns, air guns, and accessories. We targeted an under-served demographic of modern airsoft enthusiasts, an edgier audience that includes gamers and ex-military personnel. Black Ops has been able to breathe a new tactical edge into simulated combat and target shooting. With quality products and a stand-out marketing approach, Black Ops continues its motto of “Let the mission begin...”

Marketed in a brighter retail package, I strove to offer something unique to the airsoft world. Focusing on a clean, straightforward, detail-oriented design, and have gone to great lengths to promote safety and correct gun handling by focusing on easy-to-read manuals, warnings, and warranties.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Kelli McEwan
Graphic Designer Salt Lake City, UT