Yearly mug and uniform selections
Refreshed logo, full branding style down to the smallest signs
Larger signage and tents
Event map, menus, sold out stickers, and tent banners
Style guide for outside vendors to follow for a consistent look
Line up for mugs and uniforms for the last 7 years
Close ups of the limited edition 50th mug, hat embroidery, and thank you cards for the festival team
Mug details and mock ups
Oktoberfest billboard ads
Oktoberfest signage for inside the event tent

A Utah staple for 50 years, these few images chronicle the last 7 over the event that now has a much more cohesive look, and Bavarian feel. From mugs, apparel, banners, tents, signs, menus, maps, handouts, digital ads, billboards and general advertising.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Kelli McEwan
Graphic Designer Salt Lake City, UT