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Sustainable Rooftop Lounge - The Geoffrey Frost Collaborative Design Studio team worked together to research, develop and propose a sustainable urban agricultural installation: a food producing green roof situated atop SAIC campus building.
Urban Submarket System & Packaging - -Individual Project from GFRY Studio-

Small package of daily produce ordered online will be delivered to your usual public transit by bike messengers in the city during rush hour.
Produce Delivery Bike Trailer - -Individual Project from GFRY Studio-

A light-weight trailer easily attached to a messenger bike.
Innovative Furniture Concept - Rolosofa flips open like rolodex cards.

Edge of cushions feel warm to touch utilizing the heat generated by incandescent rope lights.
Wireless Polisher for High-end Clinics - For clinics that raise the professional standard. Designed for ergonomics, ease of use, and patient comfort.

Getting rid of the power cord frees the hand movement and a cone-shaped pedal activated booster adds comfort.

Immersion Circulator - Jeiotech developed a compact lab equipment which controls temperature of liquids precisely as set, and commissioned me to create a very basic, economic design for the exterior of the control box.
Portfolio Design - Project pamphlets in laser-cut cardboard case. The thumb nail images on each cover gives sneak-peek through window.
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Knowl Baek
User Experience Design Intern at Moment Chicago, IL