gLike Redesign UX/UI Experience

Provided user-experience design with the proven know-how to combine creative and usability viewpoints resulting in world-class web and mobile applications. Years of success optimizing user engagement. Expert in providing a compelling user experience to improve brand loyalty, customer retention and visit-to-order ratios.

Established UX design as the first stage of all web and mobile application developments, instituting a user-centered design approach. Overhauled web site to optimize the user experience. Launched site catapulted visit-to-lead and visit-to-order ratios, while shrinking page-abandonment rate. Displaced competitors by remaining ahead of the curve in anticipating user needs; delivered interactive device apps. Designed high-impact, user-centered web sites with strong emotional appeal, sophisticated production values and intuitive navigation to maximize user engagement and cement powerful brand identity.

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Keith Harris
Owner Saint Louis, MO