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In 2009 I got the Master Degree (B.A) on The Academy of Fine Art name of Jan Matejko in Cracow (Poland) on the Design Department with the specialization of Product Design with Designing the Means of Work. The graduation project "Set supporting the toileting for elder people with limited movement " was designing with putting strong accent on Human Factors, psychologist consultation, design and simulation the work process with the help of Human CAD model based on antropometric measurements, assortment's research and stocktaking. Running this way methodology cause to achieve fully innovating, senior dignity saving & user poductivity increasing product. Tree years of working at the PERFECT Sobierajski Company gave the opportunity for working mainly for medical branche for polish and german market. Involved in designing the products, from workstation, modular systems with the possibility of constructing highly specialized medical cart or simple one, OEM housing, devices such us diathermy and surgical suctions, with establishing human - device ergonomic relation with the help of 2D phantoms and designing its user interface panels. Responsible for wide range of stages during new product development process such like, brief, costs and work schedules establishing; examination the product utility, by observing and defining real user problems and needs; data organizing, synthesizing, and converting the knowledge to functional concept product solution, in adequacy to the company image and strategy, with technology restriction, supported by CAD modeling; details technical correction and supervision on the implementation stage. Red dot design award in 2011 for Surgical Suction Combo, in 2012 for Surgical Suction Expert 50 and Footswich Thin in the category of Live, science and medicine, and in 2013 Surgical Suction Combo gained German Design Award Nominee in the category of Working Space. Current activieties on the field of product, web design, graphics , UI / UX


Hettich International Design Award 2009 (9th prize )

Experience & Education