Miller Lite St. Patrick's Day 2010 National Promotion, Arc Worldwide

For its national on-premise St. Pat's promotion, Miller wanted a fun, interactive way to get people together while drinking Miller Lite. It started with the mandatories: Great Taste, A strong call to action, and use of the Leprachaun from the year before. Thus was born "Get Lucky With Great Taste". This was presented to the client along with 3 other concepts and was picked hands down. It was edgy, risky, but perfect. Along with the standard banners, table tents and coasters, we included an interactive coin game (similar to pogs) where bar goers could grab a handful of "gold coins" at the door from a "pot of gold". The object of the game? 2 of a kind for a free Miller Lite. They way to get there? Exchange with other people. We were bringing people together one beer at a time. You know, saving lives.

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Laura Coleman
Laura Coleman- Freelance Senior Copywriter Chicago, IL