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Great Grandparents
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From a just girls picture, to a siblings picture - The top picture was an all girls picture, but I never got an all siblings picture at my wedding so I wanted to make one. I took my mother out and moved my sister in next to me. Then I had to take several single pictures of the boys and place them in the picture. I think it came out well. It was very hard to do. But now I have a picture with all my siblings.
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Blown up wedding picture - I was having this picture blown up to be 16x20 and I wasn't so happy with the way I looked. This can be an "I spy" page to see if you can find all the changes I made. There are a lot!
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Nephew - This was a great picture with my nephew, but I didn't like that my hand was in it. So I took it out, and it just looks like he is holding the glasses himself. He looks great.
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Picture Editing
Lisa Pasternak
Art Director Fair Lawn, NJ