computer study for the Corolla Pendant
Corolla Pendant
Corolla Pendant from below
Corolla Pendant detail - When viewed from below at certain angles the Corolla Pendants stainless steel flexible armature is visible as well as the cylindrical frosted glass light diffuser at it's core.
the designer at work building the Corolla Pendant - With innards clearly visible the construction process of the Corolla Pendant is evident.
Corolla Pendant for Gulassa and Co

Designed in 2009 for a residential project and added to the Gulassa & Co. Works line shortly afterwards, the Corolla pendant's multiple layers and flexible armature allow it to take many shapes. It's resin encased silk fabric petals allow light to pass through at different intensities thus playing with the fixtures feeling of luminosity and depth. Available in two sizes, large(shown), and small, exclusively through a Gulassa & Co. showroom.

Christopher Flechtner
Design and Consulting Kyōto-shi, Japan