Custom Bench Drawing - Originally conceived for a local interior designer, this bench was eventually added to the Gulassa & Co. Works Line of furniture.
Miscellaneous Bench Concepts - These drawings represent the exploration of what was to become the Split Bench for Gulassa & Co. Works line of furniture.
Rolling Pair of Tables - Designed to work together but to also spend time apart these two tables utilized the available space of a small down town loft.
Dining Table Concept - Designed to make a simple yet bold statement in steel plate and wood, this dining table could live as one or set apart as two.
Custom Ceiling Ficture - Designed for a location where head room was an issue, this hanging ceiling fixture utilizes a hand made paper shade and a simple steel armature.
Proposals for Custom Wall Sconces - Designed for a private residence in both small and large sizes, options "A" and "D" were produced as a limited production run in clear glass and hand blackened steel.
Custom Pool Table Light - Created for a local interior designer, this fixture puts a slightly modern touch on a classic design with the addition of recycled pitted steel details
Pedestal Design Options - I quick study of possible art pedestal designs.
Gas Fireplace Burners
Gas Fireplace Burners
Cast Glass Coffee Table

Here is a selection of miscellaneous drawings done for Gulassa & Co.

Christopher Flechtner
Design and Consulting Kyōto-shi, Japan