Slayer brew head detail - Crafted from investment cast and polished stainless steel, the brew heads of the Slayer espresso machine will withstand all the abuse that is thrown at it.
Slayer hub detail - Contrasting materials and finishes allow for a level of depth and refinement to the machines appearance.
rapid prototype of the Slayers brew head - Utilizing rapid prototyping processes allowed us to develop the brew head actuators quickly and efficiently. Form, fit, and most importantly, comfort, were the key design factors when developing this piece.
Slayer 2/3 Group Espresso Machine

Tasked with creating the overall look and feel of the Slayer espresso machine as well as developing the engineering and manufacturing processes involved in it's making, I was able to design a machine that is hand crafted locally. This allows Slayer to not only support local craftsman but also for quick and easy upgrades and revisions as feedback is received by users around the world.
Sand cast "X" members are ambidextrous which allows for lower tooling cost as well as provide a symmetry for the machine. Hand crafted walnut handles create a welcome interface for the user as well as harken back to early hand tools.
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Christopher Flechtner
Design and Consulting Kyōto-shi, Japan