Special #6 - With it's one of a kind internally sprung mechanical fork setting the stage for a truly unique design, Special #6 is a machine that gets noticed no matter what it's setting.
Special #6 - A hand hammered stainless steel seat sits atop a shock absorbing strut that smooths out the bumps the rigid rear end of the motorcycle encounters.
Special #6 - With it's long lean aggressive stance and a somewhat steam punk machine like appearance, Special #6 styling will surely never go out of style.
Special #6 - Detail - Sculpted stainless steel fuel tank mounts sit out for all to see and become an interesting design detail often hidden on most motorcycles.
Special #6 - Detail - User friendly finishes such as hand rubbed aluminum and satin stainless steel require little attention allowing the owner to simply live free and ride.
Special #6 - Detail - A cantilevered side mounted oil tank not only allows for efficient cooling of the oil but acts as a counter weight for the normally unbalanced weight of the Ironhead motor.
Special #6 - Detail - Hand formed and welded stainless steel armatures connect many details around the motorcycle.
Special Number 6

Completed in 2005, Speed Shop Special #6 is an award winning motorcycle featured in publications around the world. Designed and crafted around a recycled 1978 Harley Davidson 1000cc Ironhead motor Special #6 has a mean stance and a early machine like appearance. Almost visceral in nature, the bare bones, nothing hidden design approach of Special #6 sets it apart from the herd of custom motorcycles seen these days. Simple utilitarian finishes and rugged components make for a motorcycle that not only looks sturdy, reliable, and fast, but is sturdy, reliable, and fast.

Christopher Flechtner
Design and Consulting Kyōto-shi, Japan