The Beezerker - Designed and crafted around a recycled 1965 BSA 650cc motor the Beezerker stands strong on it's bicycle like wheels.
The Beezerker Front - Slim as can be the Beezerker splits the air like a razor sharp blade. The symmetry of the motorcycle allows for a clean and uncluttered appearance.
The Beezerker Rear
The Beezerker cockpit - Designed to securely cradle the rider during high speed time trials, the Beezerkers unique body is made up of hand formed and welded aluminum panels. A hand stitched "tuck and roll" pleated leather seat adds a retro touch to the motorcycles futuristic feel. Shrouded by the stainless steel grill the exhaust systems exit makes for an amazing exhaust note when running.
Polishing the Beezerker - The hand rubbed polish of the Beezerkers aluminum body adds a layer of depth and refinement not achievable by a machine polished surface. The hand polishing process retains evidence of the makers hand.
Test Ride at Quail
The Beezerker in GQ France
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The Beezerker Front Side Rear
The Beezerker

Designed and built in 2010 the Beezerker has won numerous awards and countless features in publications around the world for it's cutting edge design and impeccable craftsmanship. Requiring over 1200 hours of design and fabrication the Beezerker defies classification with it's futuristic yet timeless design.
With unique design features such as the sheet metal girder front end, the internally routed exhaust, and the mechanical rear disc brake, the Beezerker explores the untapped possibilities of motorcycle design. Every component short of the motor was designed and fabricated by my two hands. Fully operational and street legal the Beezerker is not merely an exercise in design, it is an exercise to increase your heart rate and get your adrenalin flowing.

Christopher Flechtner
Design and Consulting Kyōto-shi, Japan