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Hi I'm Luke, a dedicated and creatively driven footwear designer with over a decade of experience working within the sporting goods and fashion industry. If I was to sum myself up in 10 simple statements, they would read as follows... - I love to create , it is when I am most happy, I am lucky to do what I do daily. - My best ideas often occur whilst I am in solitude, or, during a run through the forest, I like to be in nature it is when my mind is most free. - I believe things that are acceptable to the masses are generally mediocre, I never settle for mediocre. - I detest loud mouths, know-it-alls and a closed mind mentality. - I like to question the status quo and challenge conventional thinking. I see things from perspectives others do not, I also seek to look at things from others point of view. - I am sometimes guilty of pursuing perfection, I can obsess over the smallest detail, but I know how to get things done. - I attribute curiosity as one of my greatest assets, and look for inspiration in many different places. - I like to help and see others succeed; my ambition is to make a positive and lasting impact on our industry. - Failure has not stopped me from trying again; I’ve learned that sometimes when we lose we can also win. - All of this has allowed me to become the person and designer I am today. Specialties : Creative flair, quick at generating ideas, high-level sketching and rendering skills, able to create and communicate complex technical spec sheets and outsole tech packs, trend forecasting and analysis, commercial awareness, print and pattern design, hand shoe-making experience, colour direction, knowledge of materials and manufacturing, appreciation for shape and proportion

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