Online Sweepstakes (Landing Page) - This sweepstakes was designed in English for the Fossil US site and in German for the Fossil Germany site. I was presented with the challenge of figuring out how to show all of the items in the Grand Prize Package - some were photographed for our Touch of White campaign, some still needed to be photographed for the sweepstakes, and everything varied in size.
Online Sweepstakes (Landing Page - Rollover) - On the same page shown in the previous slide, if you click on a product image, a pop-up window was triggered to give you more information about the item.
Online Sweepstakes (Registration Page) - This Registration Page is an example of how the remaining pages for the sweepstakes were formatted.
Online Sweepstakes (Registration Confirmation Email) - This email was sent to site visitors that registered for the sweepstakes. A similar email was designed for people who were referred to the sweeps by the registrant.
Online Sweepstakes (Ad Banners) - Another challenge to the sweepstakes was to figure out how to use the logo and photography in various ad banner formats, as shown above. Many of these ended up being Animated GIFs, where the main message would get switched out with messaging about our free shipping offer.
Fossil Work - Touch of White Sweepstakes Campaign
Linda Joseph
Creative Director Dallas, TX