Blue Pearl + Brass
Calacatta Carrara
Caledonia + Brass
Dakota Mahogany + Brass
Green Pearl + Brass
Imperial White
Juparana Sunrise + Brass
Kinawa Bianco + Brass
Luna Pearl
Mahoganyy + Brass
Marron Imperial + Brass
Ocean Blue + Brass
Rain Forest Brown + Brass
Rain Forest Green + Brass
Rosa Bola
Rosso Levanto + Brass
Sapphire Red + Brass
Sazlik Green + Brass
Sazlik Green Tumbled + Brass
Uba Tuba Gold + Brass
Verde + Brass
Verde Butterfly + Brass
Verde Candeias + Brass
Verde Veneziano + Brass
Verde Veneziano
Continental Stone

Timepiece built from reclaimed granite or marble stone tile and solid walnut structure. Versions made in different varieties of granite and marble

Materials: Reclaimed granite or marble stone tile, black steel or brass hands, solid natural walnut structure, clock mechanism, AA battery

Dimensions: 9”H x 4”W x 1”D

Lynn Trepp
Founder / President at Modern XYZ, LLC Seattle, WA