Trios is a structural element for indoor and outdoor workspaces and break areas. Trios is dual-function: (1) space divider / place-maker; and (2) light modulator. Trios divides and defines space and makes places, with its form and structure, much as a gazebo or bus shelter does. Trios filters and modulates light, with interchangeable lenses or filters in its roof. Some lenses or filters modulate natural light for outdoor use, in work break areas. Similar to ski goggles, dark filters modulate harsh sunlight, while yellowish filters modulate dark, cloudy lighting conditions. Other filters modulate artificial indoor light (such as harsh fluorescent), to be used in cafeterias or break areas of open plan workplaces. Different heights can be specified, appropriate for outdoor or indoor use. Dimensions, for example: 9’w x 9’d x 18’h. Materials (suitable for outdoors and or indoors): Powder-coated steel, teak, cedar, sandblasted polycarbonate filters.

Lynn Trepp
Founder / President at Modern XYZ, LLC Seattle, WA