Abrakadabra City

The Cidade Abrakadabra (Abrakadabra Town) and Veículos Abrakadabra (Abrakadabra vehicles) allows the child to recreate situations from daily life in a stimulant and playful manner. There are several panels drawn in the two faces that make possible to experience different scenarios. By sharing, the child learns society's norms and becomes acquainted with situations related with commercial exchanges. The panels are supplied with two pairs of multi-angle adapters that are compatible with different Abrakadabra equipments. They can also work as space limiters for day-care centres. The surface is in washable laminated plastic and finishings include an edge in ABS.
The texts are provided in any languages.
Under production by Abrakadabra ® Portugal
-Medium-density Fiberboard (MDF) + ABS edge
-Acrylic mirror

Marco Balsinha
Industrial Designer Aveiro, Portugal