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3D Designer, proficient in CAD design on AutoCAD® since 1995, 3Ds MAX® Certified 3D Professional Designer, Authorized Developer and Instructor by Autodesk. Born in Caracas (Venezuela), studied Architecture in the "Universidad Central de Venezuela", being self-taught in computer graphics specializes in the area of Virtual Reality (VRML), developed the first Venezuelan Architectural Digital Portfolio (1999) with which participates in the "1º CONFERENCIA VENEZOLANA SOBRE APLICACION DE COMPUTADORAS EN ARQUITECTURA" (CONVEACA 1999) and subsequently applied for "EUREKA PRIZE" of Technological University Innovation (2000), which allows to later participate as speaker in the "IV CONGRESO IBERO-AMERICANO DE GRAFICA DIGITAL" (SIGRADI, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil 2000) earning national and international recognitions. Later is developer of several venezuelan websites and digital portfolios of architecture to use VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language); which they are among the most renowned Architecture offices, Engineering and Construction; as well as several web projects for research and development at Universidad Central de Venezuela. Romero have teaching area experience as Instructor of Autodesk 3Ds MAX for Architecture at "Instituto de Computación Gráfica Arts", in the capital city of Caracas, which is the most prestigious Computer Graphics Institute in Venezuela. Autodesk 3Ds MAX® Authorized Developer of VR Original Content under official affiliation of VRWorks™ and GameWorks VR™ Registered Developer Program by NVIDIA, and also in partnership with "Samsung Developer program" for Apps Certification. Currently his work has focused on 3D Design applied to new real-time visualization technologies of Virtual Reality (Unity 3D | Unreal Engine) on high-end hardware (Oculus Rift | HTC Vive); where highlights projects for the Oil and Gas industry, Medicine & Healthcare, as well as several projects Architecture, Engineering and Real Estate Industry. His work has been featured in the newspaper, has published articles in journals of Architecture and Computer Graphics, as well as several awards on websites dedicated to CAD. Website: http://www.marcoromero.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarcoRomero3D LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marco-romero-45955217/?locale=en_US


- 1st Conference on Computer Applications Venezuelan Architecture (Conveaca 1999) - EUREKA Prize Nomination - Speaker at the IV Iberoamerican Congress of Digital Graphics - 21st World Petroleum Congress - XXIV Latin American petroleum Show • LAPS 2014


- Autodesk. - Sigradi - CGsociety

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