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Given her sky-high energy, penchant for travel and fashion, and an increasingly frequent habit of completing triathlons, it’s no wonder BORELLI Design founder Marissa Borelli is passionate about creating products that marry fitness and style, and travel beyond the gym into everyday life. While training for her first half marathon Marissa searched high and low for something to throw on to avoid post-run chills. Unable to find a suitable quick-drying option in the market, she designed her own: the BORELLI scarf. She combined the revolutionary dri-Release™ fabric with the century’s biggest fashion trend, the scarf. The BORELLI Active scarf is so versatile that one can sweat with it on at spin class, throw it on to ward off post-workout chills, and wear it as a chic accessory to work or social events.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Marissa Borelli
Freelance Activewear Designer San Francisco, CA