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Thanks to a wide - originality oriented - self education in Game and Level Design and heavy video game technical knowledge built from a strong degrees in design and engineering, I am oriented toward efficiency in development and player experience. Out of the big highways, I can offer a different eye over the gameplay and the way players will behave through a level. Based on years of video game industry analysis, I have the ability to make the choices that make a game special and more interesting for most people. But a project is mostly nothing without a team. The choice needs to also belong to it and the global emphasis and motivation is nearly even more important than design. Through all the projects I've been a part of, I learned much about anticipating the problems and avoid them as a member and a lead. Finally, being a late self taught programmer made me a better farseeing guy, by anticipating problems and give better technical solutions while having a "code detached" vision of design too.

Experience & Education