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I am a diverse photographer with twenty years of experience. Most of my personal work is street-based, with sidelines in pastoral outdoor photography, portraiture and events. I am available for professional work in weddings, press, portraiture, bands, events. Professionally I can fill about any role (with the exception of sport), preferring a naturalistic look to my photographs. I tend to shoot 'wide open' to narrow the depth of field and create a proper sense of separation for the subject from their surroundings. I take great pleasure in capturing small, personal moments from events, weddings and parties. I am mostly a Fuji photographer using an X-t2, X-t1, and X100t. I choose this platform because of the quality of lenses, the colour quality of the jpegs, ruggedness of the camera bodies, and light weight. For street work I have recently been using a Panasonic FZ1000. Though not a pro-camera I appreciate its laser-quick focusing and the capacity to shoot at long telephoto. What I lose in tonal range I make up for with the ability to capture moments subtly. I am also a writer and film reviewer. In my professional life I am also a management consultant.

Experience & Education