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Layout by Bill Tiller
Layout by Bill Tiller
Layout by Bill Tiller. The painting on the wall is by Jean Louis Sirois
Cover art for A Vampyre Story. The figure of Mona and her sidekick Froderick the bat are 3D with 2D modifications by me. The background is all painted 2D in Photoshop
Game Art

I spent over a year designing and painting backgrounds at a little studio called Autumn Moon Entertainment in Petaluma, Califorinia. While I was there they released the classic style point and click adventure games Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island and A Vampyre Story. The people were great to work with and it was a really fun project. I learned a lot doing these. Unless otherwise specified, I did all the layouts and painted these in Photoshop as 2D layers that were then used as game assets in 3D space with 3D characters for a 2 1/2D effect.

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Marc Brownlow
Design Consultant and Contractor Los Angeles, CA