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Paw Chair - This is one of my first pieces to make it to market. A kids' lounge chair.
Concept for pet beds.
Created the graphic on these. Concept for a themed line.
Some furniture concepts. Modeled in Solidworks. Rendered in Keyshot.
Various, kind of raggedy furniture prototypes.
Rough furniture proof of concepts.
Bent acrylic arm chair.
Did the technical Design on most of the following. Generally worked with design firms to bring in the manufacturing details.
A window display with neon and rotated diamond decorations for Nike.
Did the tech design for many elements at LinkedIn SF headquarters. This is a spinning binary ball wall that a very talented artist named Jason Hawke produced.
Modified final machines.
Bent tube wall art pieces for Amazon.
Prototype for a bottle display. Can tip to pour without removing bottle.
Hanging tire art sculpture in Bridgestone lobby headquarters.
Window display for American Girl. Worked with their internal designers to bring their idea to life.
Sample corporate interior pieces.
I did the technical design on many of the components at McDonald's new corporate headquarters. This logo wall was one element (not including the touch menus)
Professional Work

A mish mash of work samples.

The environmental jobs were all designed by others. I was the technical designer for those, figuring out how to build them.

Michael Battersby
Technical Designer at Moss Retail & Environments Chicago, IL