Grgich Hills Wine Cellars - In approaching the task of modernizing the current brand, in use since founding of the winery, the focus was placed on the name and reputation of Grgich Hills. With the clientele being familiar with prestige and honors presented to the winery, the cleaner, more typographic approach was warranted to pay respect to the heritage while evolving the brand into the modern market place.
Burberry Annual Report - In considering Burberry, who reinvented itself beginning in 1997, abstraction of the burberry check creates balance of old world tradition and modern day design. Imagery creates mood of heritage and longevity while the colors remind investor & consumer of company positioning. Transition from signature check to modern interpretation highlights the company's attention to progress and respect for founding identity.
CDL2 Children's Discovery & Learning Preschool - I created this identity for a preschool in Chico, California. Since this logo needed to reflect the mission of the preschool, I wanted to include the innocence of children and the importance of this developmental time in the lives of a preschool's cliental. I strived to portray the fun and learning parents should expect at this school.
J.Jill body care line extension - In creating a body care line for existing clothing store, the existing identity was maintained incorporating tag line to reinforce company philosophy. The hierarchy establishes the brand recognition of target audience, woman 25-60, and focuses attention on strength of mark.
The Festival of the Falling Leaf commerative leaf press - With use of bold autumnal colors and complementary imagery, the changing seasons of nature are reinforced. Cascading type mimics path of leaf falling from tree branch to the earth. Abstracted leaf pattern portrays sun spots on the forest floor, creating the mood of fall sunshine.
Student Work
Meghan Zodrow
Designer San Rafael, CA