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As an ARTIST, I seek to challenge reality. Through medium such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and beatboxing, I want to introduce people to sensory experiences that get people to break away from the mundane. I firmly believe that art is integral to what makes one human. Beyond mere aesthetics, it has the power of art to stimulate, connect, and inspire people. As a DESIGNER, I aim to influence reality. By carrying a project from brief to production, I want to use art as a catalyst for positive change in making people’s lives easier. Specifically, in the field of footwear design, I’d like to develop product that benefits or exceeds the needs of an athlete or consumer. It is simply not enough to make something different; improving beyond existing product is a way to deliver more truthful impact. As a THINKER, I question what reality is. Why are things the way they are? I look at existing problems and attempt to solve them through ideals, logic, and creativity. Perhaps the hardest task is finding the balance of being a visionary with realistic expectations. Of course, all the problems out there can’t be dealt with. To reference footwear again, I just take it in stride; it’s all a matter of one step at a time.


2012 Counterkicks x PEAK Basketball Top 10 Finalist MESH01: Under Armour Rouge Mid 4th Place Chinook Rugged Work Boot Uppers 8th Place Ariaprene Graphic Rendering 6th Place Koppen Women's Cold Weather Boot 3rd Place PENSOLE Future of Footwear Class Scholarship 2013 iPENSOLE Scholarship- Women's Performance Latin Dance Heel displayed at the FN Platform Trade Show in February 2013. MESH01: Portland Co-Lab Backpack/Footwear 3rd Place



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