Dive -desklamp

desklamp, 2017
white concrete, brass tube, mouthblown colored glass
G9 socket dimmable LED 220v
17x19x42 cm

This desklamp is crafted with handmade mouthblown glass, carefully finished brass elements and white concrete, while using compact and energy-efficient dimmable LED lighting technology.
'Dive' could remind some of us of historic public libraries, desk lamps in old movies, or even submarine adventures written by Jules Vernes. Yet simple and purified, it triggers our adventurous imagination and brightens our life.

Prototypes made with the kind support of MEISENTHAL FRANCE
high quality lamp parts kindly provided by EMC Colosio

photo credits: Paul Thüroff / MHDL

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Mendel Heit
Mendel Heit Design Lab Berlin, Germany