I am a french-german product designer who lives and works in Berlin. After various experiences in industrial design, interior architecture, interactive installations and art throughout Europe, I founded the Mendel Heit Design Lab, to focus on furniture, products, jewelry, accessories, and research projects. I am particularly interested in combining new fabrication technologies with handcrafted heritage in a human scale. Clients and cooperation partners include Framepunk, Vista Alegre Atlantis, Trinkle 3d, Stilnest, habitat, Meisenthal France, Syntop.io, Cristalleries de Saint-Louis, Jack Morton, Avantgarde, Deutsche Telekom, Futurest, ART+COM, Yorb Design, Avantgarde QA, Makerlab, the Anxious Prop, Collignon Architektur, Ester Bruzkus, and Mason Juday amongst many others.


German Design Awards: special 2016 (Gradient) // Nomination 2017 (Midnight) // Nomination 2018 (Reed) // Nomination 2018 (Precious) //

Experience & Education