Art Direction and Design - Video Game Figures & Roleplay

During my time with McFarlane Toys, I was lead project manager on all of the Video Game products that were produced. I worked closely with Licensors, Gaming Studios (such as Ubisoft and 343 Studios), and 3D Modelers. I would ensure that the modelers would match the design of the game as close and detailed as possible. I would then work closely with the processing modelers to incorporate the articulation designs. While doing this, I would also ensure that we would be creating the figures and role-play items to meet a specific factory cost for production. And for the role-play items, I would also help engineer the models for proper function in production. I would then be responsible for the prototyping of all of these figures & role-play to make sure that the master tooling patterns and photo models were as detailed as possible. (The models shown were created by the following: Adam Sacco, Fabiano Coelho, Louie Ishii, Mariano Steiner, Mark Dowey, Tom Lishman)

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Michael Gulen
Product Designer/Industrial Designer/ Creative Director/ Rapid Prototyper Califon, NJ