Star Wars Bespin Diorama - 3D Model Making & Scanning, Rapid Prototyping, Molding, Casting, Assembly

I was the main developer of this project as far as the diorama and production. I did a lot of Hard Edge modeling as well as 3D Scanning and Rapid Prototyping. I was contracted by Big Stick Studios working with Ed & Andy Frank, and Steve Lord.
I 3D Modeled the entire base, light sabers, blaster, and Vader's Saber, Helmet and electronics, all in Autodesk Maya. For Luke's face, I started with an authentic face cast of Mark Hamill from 1981 (Empire casting) that I scanned with a Breuckmann OptoTop 3D Scanner. I then had it 3D Printed and cast it in wax for the sculpting process. Both figures were modeled in Zbrush by Steve and Andy, and later traditionally finished by Andy. I then processed all parts for print in Magics RP. I also RTV Molded all of the parts and cast & assembled final Photo & Tooling models. The Railings were Brass Tubing to stop warping. The blades were fabricated from acrylic rod.
Art Directed by Jared Chapman and other assistance from Tom Karwacki.

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Michael Gulen
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