Walking Dead AMCTV Blu-ray Collector's Editions - Art Direction and Design

I oversaw the development of all of the McFarlane Walking Dead AMCTV/ Anchor Bay Blu-ray Collector Edition Box Sets.
(I also helped concept the Season 3 set). And working alongside the concept artists for all of the sets, I was able to collaborate and help design the overall product as well as the play feature.
I would first work with the designer and come up with a plan to execute the product design structure along with any motion or play features that it needed.
I then hired and worked with all of the 3D and Traditional artists to sculpt these sets. I would oversee the development of the structure and sculpt on a daily basis to ensure that the piece would function properly as well as be able to house the Blu-ray set that was supplied from Anchor Bay.
I would also ensure that these pieces would keep to the strict deadlines that were needed to make sure that tooling would be delivered in an expedited time. Most of these sets were developed in 2-4 weeks, concept to final tooling.

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Michael Gulen
Product Designer/Industrial Designer/ Creative Director/ Rapid Prototyper Califon, NJ