Walking Dead AMCTV NEGAN Resin Statue - Art Direction

Here is a project that I art directed while working at McFarlane Toys. This one started with working alongside the brand manager in developing the initial concept as well as personally scanning Jeffrey Dean Morgan on set in Georgia. I personally liked how I designed the title plate to be Negan's hot iron.
I worked closely with the Digital Artist, Marcellus Barnes, developing the sculpt and prepping it to be capable for production. I also oversaw the breakdown of the sculpt and prepping it for print, with Rafael Fernandez Jr. I then printed the entire piece on the in-house 3D Printer and ensured the quality of the parts that were created by the printer. I made sure that the parts were printed in the proper orientation to make sure they had the best detail resolution. I then worked closely with the Mold and Model Makers to quickly reproduce this piece for Paint and Production. I was also able to oversee the Digital Painted model to gain approval from AMC on this piece.

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Michael Gulen
Product Designer/Industrial Designer/ Creative Director/ Rapid Prototyper Califon, NJ