Walking Dead Action Figures - Art Direction / Brand Management

I was the lead Art Director for all of the Walking Dead Action Figures at McFarlane Toys; Series 1-10. I worked closely with the Brand Managers in assisting and developing the line-ups, costumes and accessories that the figures would receive. I would then hire sculptors and modelers to digitally and traditionally sculpt the figures, ensuring that the production schedule would be met.

I then would work closely with the in-house modelers plotting the figure articulation and prepping the parts for 3D print. I would additionally operate the 3D Printer and create parts for tooling. I would create figure parts-lists and made sure that the factory had the appropriate information.
For posed figures (10 Inch and Micro Building Set Series) I would also pick the poses and assist the sculptors in the development of the pose to ensure it was dynamic.
Sometimes utilizing portrait scan data which I myself did, I would make sure the portrait was sculpted correct and able to be approved by AMC.

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Michael Gulen
Product Designer/Industrial Designer/ Creative Director/ Rapid Prototyper Califon, NJ